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Road Trip: Stop # 3
Road Trip: Stop # 3

Three Years...

Well, in case you haven't already noticed... I'm back. For a while at least.

I'm not making any promises at this point about an update schedule, but I will continue to upload road trip pages as they are completed.

And in case anyone was wondering what I've been doing the last three years, my original distraction now has year-old twin siblings.

Thanks for sticking with me.

posted by thunderstrike on Jun 28 2010 12:23 am   ||   0 comments

A Little Something...

To remind you that I'm not dead.

Happy Halloween.

posted by thunderstrike on Oct 27 2007 01:01 pm   ||   4 comments

Time Sucking Bandit

I know, I know, this hiatus has been too long for anyone's good.

Well, the best excuse I have is the work I've been doing for Gibson Twist's multi-artist collaborative interlude to Pictures of You, called Snapshots.

Check out PoY and all of the Snapshots here.

posted by thunderstrike on Oct 07 2007 05:28 pm   ||   2 comments