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» Comics - One of these things... - Jan 31 2007 10:30 am

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The Management Says:
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User Comments:
krugos, Jan 31 2007 01:55 pm ( Reply )

Cthulhu is smiley! You should make it a real t-shirt.

Jamesluke32, Jan 31 2007 06:45 pm ( Reply )

These and others
Hey if you could send me the I dream of Jedi and Cthulhu is Smiley Drawings in Vector graphic (.eps) file format. I will see about being able to offer real shirts.
Everything including Text must be converted into curves and in 1-3 colors no blended colors.

Jamesluke32, Jan 31 2007 06:50 pm ( Reply )

Oh and maybe some shoes or hats too . . .

thunderstrike, Feb 01 2007 02:14 pm ( Reply )

Thanks for all the details...(I've done silk screening before)
Anyway, did you want an .eps, because using an .ai file is just as good. (If your using Illustrator)

Jamesluke32, Feb 02 2007 03:09 pm ( Reply )

Yes I believe it is silk screened. However this is a website that lets you design clothes and open a "virtual store" for free. Then people can buy your merchandise, which they make and ship. Call me if you want more specifics or send me an email cause writing in comments is a pain. Oh and yes I need it in .eps

eddygazilion, Aug 12 2007 04:07 pm ( Reply )

Whenever I get a car...

I shall get a Cthulhu bumpersticker for it.

Because that would be just fantastic.

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