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Mortal Wounds

In an effort to protect the general population from torturous pain and anguish I am advising that no one attempt to make a 'Digiorno' pizza. While the misleading advertisements may portray those seemingly harmless food items as delicious and easy to make snacks, they are far from it. Beware pizzas which stick to the oven rack causing molten cheese to splatter about, which in turn causes the would-be pizza lover to suffer 2nd degree burns from the oven rack while attempting to avoid deadly mozzarella. I am calling for an all out boycot of all Digiorno pizzas. Do not speak of this message to anyone, as the walls may or may not have ears. If the walls do in fact have ears please inquire if they 'hang low' or perhaps if they 'wobble to and fro.'

This message will not self destruct.

posted by thunderstrike @ Dec 29 2006 10:26 pm   2 Comments


InquiringMind, Jan 03 2007 01:28 am

Dangerous Digiorno
I suggest using a pan...like normal people..

thunderstrike, Jan 03 2007 07:26 pm

Take a look...
According to the official directions, "for a crispier crust, place pizza directly on oven rack."