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2 Week Notice

(Not to be confused with the Sandra Bullock movie of the same name)

It's been two weeks since MU's been on hold and even though I'm dead tired most of the time, I'm dying to get back into the fray.

I've got some artwork that I'll post today, just to feed the need, but I'm hoping to start updating again in about a week. As you'll see with the piece I plan on posting, I've been dabbling in color, and I've got the itch to go full color with the comic.

I'm interested to hear what people think about that...

posted by thunderstrike @ Apr 28 2007 12:51 pm   3 Comments


Jamesluke32, May 01 2007 12:34 pm

I've been colorizing the characters since forever
with that said I think it is a good idea unless you mess it up lol. My shirt is green with a blue stripe.

Jamesluke32, May 01 2007 12:42 pm

Model Citizen
I have been working with clay again only this time I'm making molds . . . so I have MU Cthulhu heads to sell they will be fully painted and I will post pictures soon as I work out some kinks with the casting process. I was thinking the profits go into some kind of Weapon X Program (baby Logan college fund) send me a msg or email or just call.

Joey the Bald, May 01 2007 03:16 pm

Yay Color
I think color would be a great addition to your comic. Your comic is fantastic as is, and color would amplify its coolness.