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Trapped in the Antarctic

That would be a valid excuse for not having an update for yesterday.

Sadly, however, I am not trapped in a barren wasteland of ice and snow, so cold even my font turns blue.

I'm working full time for the summer, so scheduling time to produce MU is getting tricky. I will make all efforts to keep on schedule, but I make no promises, only vague assertions of the future.

Like Nostradamus before me, I predict:

Someone will do... SOMETHING!

posted by thunderstrike @ Jun 30 2007 09:57 am   1 Comments


Deon (Guest), May 02 2012 10:43 pm

This is great stuff. I had not looked at the NBER since the pre-web days--we did have etitrecily, but no Internet--and this site is a terrific way to try to gauge what is going on.