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Time Sucking Bandit

I know, I know, this hiatus has been too long for anyone's good.

Well, the best excuse I have is the work I've been doing for Gibson Twist's multi-artist collaborative interlude to Pictures of You, called Snapshots.

Check out PoY and all of the Snapshots here.

posted by thunderstrike @ Oct 07 2007 05:28 pm   2 Comments


krugos, Oct 09 2007 01:30 am

It was a nice surprise to see you collaborating with Gibson Twist in the Snapshots.

Hope you'll find the time in a near future to resume work on Mythos Unlimited, I really miss this comic strip.

Krimsin, Oct 18 2007 01:30 am

When you get back, be sure to make a reference to that Portal game.

All the cool webcomics are doing it.

Or do 300.

"Mountains of Madness?"